The 20th International Drying Symposium

Scientific Program

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Monday, Aug. 8

Plenary Lectures 09:30-10:40

Chair: Y Itaya

Role of IDS in Global Drying R&D - Personal Perspectives
  • A S Mujumdar

Drying of Archaeological Sites and Relics in Japan
  • Y Kouzuma

Session A-1 :Fundamentals, modeling and simulation 11:00 - 12:40

Chairs: H Kagami, B Thorat

Measurement of Moisture Diffusivity by Investigation of Sorption Isotherms and Modeling Moisture Transfer of Mortar Submited to Convective Drying
  • L Kahlerras , A Belhamri , L Fraikin , F Michel , L Courard , A Leonard

Recursive Identification of Time-Variant Model Parameters from Drying Curves
  • R V Ooteghem , E Amankwah , T V Boxtel

The Mechanism of Moisture Transport in a Silica/Chitosan/β-Glycerophosphate Composite Plate
  • R Adamski , A Kamińska , Z Pakowski

A Model of Drying Process of a Polymer Liquid Film Coated on Three-Dimensional Structure
  • H Kagami

Equivalence of the One-Dimensional Moisture Diffusion Model and the Three-Dimensional Pore Network Drying Model
  • A Attari Moghaddam , A Kharaghani , E Tsotsas , M Prat

Session B-1 :Drying of foods and biomaterials (basic aspect) 11:00 - 12:40

Chairs: M Zhang, S Yamamoto

Convective Drying of Fruit Tissue: Impact of Moisture Barrier Layer
  • T Defraeye

Simple Methods for Evaluating Caking Behavior of Sugar Powders
  • S Fujii , A Kimura , N Yoshimoto , T Aktas , S Yamamoto

Drying Rates and Desorption Isotherms of Amorphous Sugar Solutions Containing Crystalline Materials
  • S Ali , T Watanabe , S Fujii , N Yoshimoto , T Aktas , S Yamamoto

Deep Understanding on Food Drying: Efficiency, Energy Consumption and Quality
  • M Zhang , X Wu , A Mujumdar

Drying Kinetics of Pork Muscle Obtained for Five Different Drying Modes and Three Salt Concentrations
  • I Petrova , T M Eikevik

Session C-1 :Drying of foods and biomaterials (processing) 11:00 - 12:40

Chairs: V Raghavan, S Prachayawarakorn

Rice Starch Gelatinization Kinetics of Paddy During High Temperature Fluidized Bed Drying
  • S Prachayawarakorn , G Srzednicki , S Soponronnarit , T Chungcharoen , C Rattanamechaisakul

Model for Drying and Inactivation of Baker’s Yeast Particles in Fluidized Beds Operated under Reduced Pressure
  • S Zarekar , A Bück , M Jacob , E Tsotsas

Influence of Secondary Airflow Injection and Temperature on Drying Characteristics of Corn Kernels in a Vortexing Fluidized-Bed Dryer
  • V Chuwattanakul , P Promvonge , S Eiamsa-Ard

Application and the Techno-Economical Aspects of Integrated Microwave Drying Systems for Development of Dehydrated Food Products
  • V Raghavan , N S Md Salim , J K Kurian , Y Gariepy

Agglomeration and Drying of Rice Protein Concentrate in a Rotating Pulsed Fluidized Bed: In-Line Monitoring of Particle Size
  • K Andreola , C A M D Silva , O P Taranto , J J Butzge

Session D-1 :Drying of chemicals and polymers 11:00 - 12:40

Chairs: H Tamon, M Yamamura

Two-Step Migration of Particles in Drying Suspension Films
  • M Yamamura , T Tashima

Influence of Freeze Drying and Vacuum Drying on Porous Properties of Carbon/Carbon Composites
  • K Kraiwattanawong , N Sano , H Tamon

Controlling Macroporous Structure of Monolith by Unidirectional Freezing of Hydrogel and Slurry
  • H Tamon , T Suzuki , N Sano

The Effect of Drying Conditions on Particles Distribution
  • R Katayama

An Analysis of Particle-Film Structures Using Photoluminescence Spectrometer
  • N Sano , M Maeda , H Tamon

Session A-2 :Fundamentals, modeling and simulation 14:00 - 15:50

Chairs: M Schutyser, N Sano

A-2-1 (Keynote)
Pore Network Models for Drying Capillary Porous Media:Recent Achievements and Remaining Challenges
  • A Kharaghani

Discrete Pore Network Modeling of Superheated Steam Drying
  • K H Le , A Kharaghani , C Kirsch , E Tsotsas

Pore Network Modeling of a Salt Solution Droplet on Porous Substrate: Imbibition, Evaportaion, and Crystallization
  • A Rahimi , A Kharaghani , T Metzger , E Tsotsas

Estimation of Local Evaporation Rates of a Sessile Droplet Drying on a Substrate with Patterned Bank Structure
  • J Wang , J Fukai

Towards Frying with Less Oil Uptake: A Modelling Study
  • M Schutyser , K Van Koerten , R Boom

Session B-2 :Drying of foods and biomaterials (microbial) 14:00 - 15:50

Chairs: S Rodrigues, S Ohtake

B-2-1 (Keynote)
Effect of Oil-Droplets Size on the Stability of Functional Oil in Spray-Dried Powder
  • A A Ghani , S Adachi , H Shiga , S Adachi , H Yoshii

Drying Technique and Feed Flow Rate Effect in Bacterial Survival and Physicochemical Properties of Fermented Probiotic Orange Juice Powder
  • N Alves , S Desobry , J M Costa , S Rodrigues

Viability of Lactobacillus plantarum P8 in Bread during Baking and Storage
  • L Zhang , M Taal , R M Boom , X D Chen , M A Schutyser

Drying Technologies for Biopharmaceutical Applications: Recent Developments and Future Direction
  • S Ohtake , B Bhatnagar , R Walters , S Tchessalov

Factors Affecting Inactivation of Lactic Acid Bacteria during Drying
  • S Fujii , N Yoshimoto , S Yamamoto

Session C-2 :Drying of foods and biomaterials (processing) 14:00 - 15:50

Chairs: W Wang, L A Freitas

C-2-1 (Keynote)
Environmental and Energy Saving Large Pressurized Bulk Driers
  • A S Jensen

Freeze-Drying of Ceftriaxone Sodium Solution Frozen with Prefabricated Porosity
  • W Wang , H Li , D Hu , Y Pan , G Chen

Freeze-Drying of Multi-Component Pharmaceutical Formulations
  • K Izutsu , H Shibata , H Yoshida , Y Goda

Atmospheric Spray Freeze Drying of Pharmaceutical Materials
  • L A P D Freitas , C C C Teixeira , L A Tacon , T P D F Cabral , A D Lachote , H S Barud

Freeze-Drying of Alginate Water/t-Butanol Solutions as a Perspective Technique to Produce the Polysaccharides Matrixes with Pre-defined Structure
  • O Alves-Filho , V Palchikova , M G Gordienko , P A Gurikov , N V Menshutina

Session D-2 :Drying of foods and biomaterials (processing) 14:00 - 15:50

Chairs: C Cheng, M Zielinska

D-2-1 (Keynote)
Drying of Proteins and Protein-carbohydrate Complex Coacervates
  • B Adhikari

Experimental Study on Vacuum Drying of Biomass at Different Temperatures
  • J Li , C Bu , C Zhao , G Piao

Experimental Investigation of Far-Infrared Vacuum Drying of Apple Slices
  • V B Mitrevski , S T Bundalevski , V I Mijakovski , T B Geramitcioski , M R Lutovska , C T Mitrevska

Freeze Drying Process of Water Solution Diagnosed by Visual Method
  • C Cheng , Y Tseng

Mass Transfer Kinetics and Effective Diffusivity during Osmotic Dehydration of Cranberries
  • M Zielinska , M Markowski , M Iwanowicz

Tuesday, Aug. 9

Plenary Lectures 08:50-10:00

Chair: K Nakagawa

Some Aspects of Control of Physical Quality Factors and of Operating Parameters Involved during the Optimization of Freeze-Drying Cycles of Fragile Pharmaceuticals
  • J Andrieu , S Vessot

Formulation Desing of Composite Nano-Particles by Using a Spray Drier Equipped with a Unique Spray Nozzle and Their Pharmaceutical Applications
  • T Ozeki

Session A-3 :Fundamentals, modeling and simulation 10:20 - 12:40

Chairs: G Musielak, A Nishimura

CFD Prediction of Powder Particle Size Distribution in the Industrial Scale Spray Drying Process
  • M Jaskulski , P Wawrzyniak , I Zbiciński

CFD-DEM Study of Residence Time and Collision Velocity in a Binary Wurster Fluidized Bed
  • Z Jiang , A Bueck , T Hagemeier , E Tsotsas

Reduction of a Model for Single Droplet Drying and Application for CFD Spray Drying Simulation
  • T T H Tran , M Jaskulski , A Kharaghani , E Tsotsas

Counter-Current Spray Drying - Understanding and Simulation -A Review
  • A E Bayly

Monte Carlo Modeling of Binder-less Agglomeration in Fluidized Beds
  • C Rieck , A Bück , E Tsotsas

Modelling of Continuous Spray-Coating in Fluidized Bed with a Vertical Tube Air Classifier
  • D Müller , C Rieck , A Bück , E Tsotsas

New Method of Determining the Relationship of Effective Moisture Diffusivity on Moisture Concentration
  • G Musielak , M Stasiak , M Bochenek , H Garbalińska

Session B-3 :Drying of foods and biomaterials (bioencapsulation) 10:20 - 12:40

Chairs: W P Oliveira, H Yoshii

Oxidation Behavior of Emulsified Fish Oil Encapsulated with Maltodextins of Different Dextrose Equivalents by Spray Drying
  • S Adachi , H Shiga , T L Neoh , S Adachi , H Yoshii

A Statistical Model for Estimating The Effects of Oil-Droplet Size and Oil Fraction in Microcapsulesa on The Oil Oxidation
  • S Adachi , K Kikuchi , S Yamamoto , H Shiga , H Yoshii

Effect of Temperature on Microencapsulated Banana Polyphyenol Yield
  • U S Lule , H Yoshii , F I Muranga

Surfactant-Free Solid Dispersion of Hydrophobic Drug in Amorphous Sugar Matrix, Utilizing Over-Dissolution of Sugar in Organic Solvent
  • K Imamura , K Takeda , F Hidaka , D Hirota , T Matsuura , H Imanaka , N Ishida

Spray Dried Hydroxyapatite-Chitosan Biocomposites Prepared with the Presence of Simulated Body Fluid and the Impact of Weight of Chitosan and Crosslinking Agent on Drug Loading Efficiency
  • T Basargan , N Erdol-Aydın , G Nasün-Saygılı

Spray Drying of Multicomponent Inclusion Complexes of Lippia sidoides Essential Oil
  • C R F Souza , P N Ferraz-Freitas , W P Oliveira

Preparation and Characterization of Redispersive Solid Lipid Nanoparticles Loaded with Petiveria alliacea Bioactive Compounds
  • P S Marques , W P Oliveira , C R F Souza

Session C-3 :Novel drying and dewatering technologies 10:20 - 12:40

Chairs: O Alves-Filho, P Van der wel

Analysis of Particle Size and Velocity Distribution in Flame Spray Drying Process
  • M Sobulska , M Piatkowski , I Zbicinski

Applications of Inductive Energy Input in Fluidized Beds
  • V V Idakiev , L Mielke , A Bück , E Tsotsas , L Mörl

Active Freeze Drying
  • P Van Der Wel , T Shimizu

Biorefining of Grape Pomace with EHD Drying
  • A Martynenko , T Kudra , G Petrash

Design Considerations for EHD Dryer
  • A Martynenko , T Kudra

New Advances in Green Drying Technology: Improved Effectiveness and Product Quality
  • O Alves-Filho

Designing a New Spray Dryer
  • X Huang , M E Sormoli , T A G Langrish

Session D-3 :Drying of foods and biomaterials (energy and efficiency) 10:20 - 12:40

Chairs: X Chen, T Nishizu

Study on Residence Time of Cut Tobacco in Rotary Dryer with Different Flights
  • D Lu , C Liu , P Li , L Wang , B Li , M Zhang , Y Shen

The Ultrasonic-Assisted Drying Modeled Using the Reaction Engineering Approach
  • A Putranto , X D Chen

Drying of Solid Wastes from the Orange Juice Industry in a Conical Spouted Bed
  • M Olazar , A Atxutegi , J F Saldarriaga , F B Freire , R Aguado

Combined Effects of Additives and Power Levels on Microwave Drying Performance of Spent Coffee Grounds Briquette
  • B A Fu , M Q Chen , Y W Huang

Effect of Biomass Drying on Liquid Fuel Yield and Efficiencies of Energy and Exergy in an Advanced Biomass to Liquid Fuel System
  • N Puladian , S Pang , J Li

Integration of Biomass Indirect Dryers into Energy Systems
  • J Havlik , T Dlouhy

Drying of Hydrolyzed Collagen with Grape Pulp in Spray Dryer: Influence of Process Variables on the Powder Production Efficiency
  • J J Butzge , G C Q Pereira , F C Godoi , S C Dos Santos Rocha

Session A-4 :Fundamentals, modeling and simulation 14:00 - 15:50

Chairs: R Pisano, K Nakagawa

A-4-1 (Keynote)
Modeling and Scaling Up of Industrial Spray Dryers - A Review
  • I Zbicinski

Comparison of Static and Dynamic Freeze Drying - Experiments and Modelling
  • R Kohlus , R Pliske , U Müller

Computer-aided Property Estimation of Micro-particles in Packed-beds for Freeze-drying Applications
  • L C Capozzi , G Boccardo , A A Barresi , R Pisano

Modeling of Multi-Dimensional Freeze-Drying Operated under Radiative Heat
  • K Nakagawa , T Ochiai

Optimum Design and Experimental Verification of Tunnel Drying Room Based on Numerical Simulation
  • J Dai , Z Wu , L Xie , L Zhang

Session B-4 :Drying of foods and biomaterials (quality attribute) 14:00 - 15:50

Chairs: S Devahastin, M Phongpipatpong

B-4-1 (Keynote)
Green Drying Technologies and Their Role towards Global Food Sustainability
  • S Devahastin

Effect of Ultrasonic Treatment on the Antioxidant Capacity, Total Polyphenol and Flavonoid Contents of Dried Pineapples
  • O Rodriguez , S Rodrigues , F A N Fernandes

Effects of Potassium Chloride Substitution and Spray Drying Conditions on Morphology and Saltiness Intensity of Low-Sodium Salt Particles
  • S Devahastin , C Niamnuy , N Chindapan

Determination of Change-Over Points of Serial Combination Drying Processes: A Measure to Improve Quality of Dried Carrot Discs and Process Efficiency
  • T Siebert , V Gall , H P Schuchmann , V Gaukel

Effects of Maltodextrin and Drying Air Temperature on Spray-Dried Germinated Soy Milk Powder
  • M Phongpipatpong , K Wongkrajang

Session C-4 :Novel drying and dewatering technologies (Hybrid drying) 14:00 - 15:50

Chairs: D Mierzwa, A Hashimoto

C-4-1 (Keynote)
Low Temperature Drying Enhancement Using Ultrasound
  • J A Carcel , J V Garcia-Perez , J V Santacatalina , E Riera , C Rosselló , A Mulet

Effects of Drying Methods on Nutritional Components and Flavour Substances, and Processing Properties of Chinese Chestnut
  • L Zhang , Z Wang , X Wang , H Yang , G Shi , H Zhao , S Zhao

Development of Industrial Prototype of Microwave Technology for Drying of Agricultural Products
  • M Nisoa , P Kerdtongmee

Hybrid Drying of Biological Materials - Process Kinetics and Quality Aspects
  • D Mierzwa , A Pawłowski

Characteristics of Combined Vacuum Freeze Drying and High Frequency Dielectric Heating of a Food Model
  • K Kawamura , K Suehara , T Kameoka , A Hashimoto

Session D-4 :Drying of foods and biomaterials (solar drying) 14:00 - 15:50

Chairs: I Farkas, T Aktas

D-4-1 (Keynote)
Deep Understanding on Food Drying: Efficiency, Quality and Energy Consumption
  • M Zhang , X Wu , A S Mujumdar

Effects of Open Sun Drying and Solar Drying Methods on Drying Characteristics and Some Quality Criteria of Grape Pomace
  • T Aktas , L Taseri , M Gulcu

A Large-Scale Parabolic Greenhouse Type Solar Dryer : Field Performance and Utilization in Agro-Industries of Dried Bananas in Thailand
  • P Pankaew , K Tohsing , B Mahayothee , S Janjai

Modelling of a Solar Drying System with Natural Convection Air Flow
  • I Farkas , M A Al-Neama

Roles of Milk Proteins on the Flow Properties of Model Dairy Powders
  • R Li , Y H Roos , S Miao

Wednesday, Aug. 10

Session A-5 :Fundamentals, modeling and simulation 08:20-10:20

Chairs: W C Hofacker, T Tsukada

Microscale Geometrical Model of Fruit Tissue for Simulating Cellular Level Changes during Drying
  • M A Karim , M M Rahman , M Joardder

The Investigation of Thermal Properties for Norwegian Dry-cured Ham Using DSC Technique
  • I Tolstorebrov , I Petrova , T M Eikevik , M Bantle

Thermal Properties of Dried Distillers Grains
  • M Zielinska , M Markowski

Modelling of pH Effects on Milk Proteins and Implications for Binding to Bacterial Surface Peptidoglycan
  • B K May , C Nhan , A Hung

Numerical Modeling of Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer with Moving Boundary during Convective Drying of Potato Slices
  • K G Erko , W C Hofacker , A H Taye

Effect of 410 NM Light Emitting Diodes on the Native Microfrora and Dehydration of Selected Fresh Produce
  • P M Koshy , V Ghate , B Thorat

Session B-5 :Drying of foods and biomaterials (processing) 08:20-10:20

Chairs: J Mellmann, Y Tatemoto

Dewatering and Extraction of Solutes from Frozen Plant Tissues Using Liquefied Dimethyl Ether
  • A Nakamura , Y Hara , T Kawano

Effect of the Air-Duct Arrangement on Homogeneity of Drying in Mixed-Flow Grain Dryers
  • J Mellmann , H Scaar , F Weigler , G Franke

Effect of Jet Nozzle Configuration for Heat and Mass Transfer Enhancement of Impinging Jets
  • C Nuntadusit , S Petchuchuy , M Wae-Hayee , R Yamsaengsung

Evolution of Density, Porosity and Shrinkage of Tobacco Leaves during Fast Convective Drying and Its Effect on Drying Kinetics
  • W Zhu , L Han , B Xu , B Li , C Yu , L Chen

Effect of High-Hydrostatic-Pressure Processing and Subsequent Drying Processing on Green Tea Leaf Catechin Oxidation
  • H Liu , S Ueno , T Araki

Application of Airborne Ultrasound to Intensify the Convective Drying of Food Materials
  • H T Sabarez , K Knoerzer , J A Gallego-Juarez , E Riera , V Gaukel , S M Beck

Session C-5 :Industrial processing, energy issue and process control 08:20-10:20

Chairs: A Bück, T Inoue

Energy Saving Potential in Batch Fluidized Bed Granulation Process by Temporal Separation of Sub-Processes
  • T Hoffmann , L Mielke , M Henneberg , M Peglow , A Bück , E Tsotsas

Energy Efficient Powder Production by Closed-Loop Spray Drying
  • S Moejes , T Van Boxtel

Feedback Control of Microwave Drying of Solids
  • A Bück , R Dürr , N Vorhauer , L Friese , E Tsotsas

Superheated Steam Generation from a Novel Adsorption Heat Transformer for Drying Applications
  • B Xue , X Wei , K Nakaso , J Fukai

Preparation of High Surface Area Activated Carbon From Walnut Shell by Fast Activation with H3PO4 in a Spouted Bed
  • Z Li , X Gao , Q Xu , W Tian , R Wang

Effect of Moisture Content on Bubble Formation in Heat Sealing for Plastic Container
  • T Inoue , T Shiono , H Iyota

Session D-5 :Drying and dewatering of powdered solids 08:20-10:20

Chairs: H Kuo, P Wawrzyniak

Industrial Spray Tower Hot Air Inlets Area Temperature Control
  • P Wawrzyniak , M Podyma , I Zbicinski

Understanding the Mechanism of in-situ Particle Crystallization by Chamber Humidity Manipulation in a Counter Current Spray Tower
  • S A Shakiba , S Mansouri , C Selomulya , M W Woo

A Model-based Investigation of Particle Drying Process in Multi-stage Fluidized Bed
  • K Chen , M Schmidt , A Bück , M Jacob , E Tsotsas

Stable Operations of Continuous Particle Drying in a Countercurrent Fluidized Bed with Perforated Plates
  • H Kuo , G Luo , A Huang

Cyclone Design Optimization Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Full Scale Testing
  • K B Damkjær , J U Nielsen , H B Hansen

Drying of Wet Brown Coal Particles by a Steam-fluidized Bed Dryer
  • K Arima , Y Tsuchiyama , T Sawatsubashi , M Kinoshita , H Ishii

Session A-6 :Fundamentals, modeling and simulation 10:40 - 12:40

Chairs: R Adamski, A Harano

The Properties of Aerogel-like Thermal Insulations Based on Ambient Pressure Dried Inorganic Silica
  • R Adamski , Z Pakowski , A Kamińska , P Wierucka

Crack Formation in Nanoparticles/Polymer Composite Thin Films during Solvent Casting
  • N Kobayashi , M Kubo , T Tsukada , S Takami , T Adschiri

Memory Effect of Paste and its Application to Control Morphology of Desiccation Crack Pattern
  • A Nakahara , Y Matsuo , K Uchida , H Izui , S Kitsunezaki , F Kun

In-situ Observation of Single Droplet Solidification by Electro-Dynamic Balance
  • A Harano , H Saito , T Takarada

Design of Dryers for Developing Countries: a Critical View
  • H Desmorieux

Mathematical Modeling of the Drying Kinetics of Carabao Mango for the Inhibition of Anthracnose Caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides
  • F I T Labutong , J S F Pastores , A C Yeung , L D B Pestaño

Session B-6 :Drying of foods and biomaterials (quality attribute) 10:40 - 12:40

Chairs: G Srzednicki, N Katsuno

Effect of Heat Temperature on Colloidal Stability of Sesame Paste
  • N Katsuno , M Fujimura , T Nishizu

RP-HPLC-QTOF/MS2 Based Stratergy for the Comprehensive Metabolite Profiling of Bombay Duck (Harpadon nehereus) Dried by Using Different Techniques
  • N N Nagwekar , O Apine , V Tidke , J Jadhav , B Thorat

Effects of Drying on Main Nutrients in Banana Pseudostem of Species Musa balbisiana and Musa acuminata
  • J Ma , G Srzednicki , J Arcot

Encapsulation of Menthol in Rice Starch by Spray Drying
  • A Soottitantawat , P Prommas , U Ruktanonchai , H Yoshii

Drying of Fresh Organic Beef with Different Pretreatments
  • G J E Von Gersdorff , S O J Crichton , S K Retz , O Hensel , B Sturm

Evaluation of Spray Drying Parameters on Physicochemical Properties of Seedless Black Barberry (Berberis vulgaris L.) Juice
  • A Seddighi-Pashaki , Z Emam-Djomeh , G Askari

Session C-6 :Industrial processing, energy issue and process control 10:40 - 12:40

Chairs: C Watanabe, K Nakaso

Industrial Heat Pump Technology for Drying Process
  • C Watanabe , Y Uchiyama , S Hirano

Development of a Dynamic Heat Pump Dryer Test Bench To Demonstrate Energetical Optimization Possibilities By Replicating Real Life Drying Processes
  • J Logie , B Vanslambrouck , M C Tran

Experimental Study and System Analysis of a CO2 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer
  • T Alpögger , W Tegethoff , A Schröder , M Bockholt , R Bussmann , J Köhler

Heat Transfer in Absorber of LiBr/Water Absorption Heat Pump System for Hot Air Generation from Waste Heat
  • K Marumo , M Yamada , N Kobayashi , Y Itaya

Application of the Spouted Bed in the Novel Adsorption Heat Pump for Generating Steam
  • K Nakaso , M Nagayama , S Kobayashi , J Fukai

Experimental Performance of Prototype Chemical Heat Pump Dryer Driven by Exhaust Gas Heat
  • H Ogura , H Tohyama , H Ishikawa , H Ito , T Okawa , M Kubo

Session D-6 :Drying and dewatering of aglicultural, wood and paper products 10:40 - 12:40

Chairs: Z Wu, M Jinorose

Investigation of Cellular Level of Water in Plant-based Food Material
  • M A Karim , M H Khhan , M Welllard , P D Nghia

Mathematical Modeling of the Air Drying Kinetics of Cassava Roots and the Determination of its Optimum Drying Temperature
  • C J R Sajol , R L R Sampaga , C N R Santiago , L D B Pestaño

Study on Fissuring Law of Rice Kernel in Thermal Drying Process
  • L Zhao , B Lv , J Yang , J Li , Z Wu

Practical Performance of Wood Drying System Using Solar Heat and Latent Heat of Snow
  • K Yasuhara

Quantification of Non-Uniform Deformation of Shrinkable Materials during Drying via Digital Image Analysis
  • A Stienkijumpai , M Jinorose , S Devahastin

In-situ Observation of Ice Structure in Frozen Food under Freeze-Drying Process by X-ray Computed Tomography Using Synchrotron Radiation
  • M Sato , K Nakagawa , T Ochiai , K Kajiwara , S Kono , G Do

Special Session for Industry (Aug. 8)

Scalable-DEM Simulation of Powders and Granules in Indirect Heating-Type Dryer: Dynamics and Thermal Behaviours
  • M Yamanoi , J Imai , Y Nakata
Prometech Software, Inc.

Continuous Drying Processes for Best Quality Results in Rice Drying
  • A Nunez Vega , R Wieseckl , T Daniel
Buhler GmbH

Development of Continuous Manufacturing System "CTS-MiGRA-System"
  • T Nagato , K Hasegawa

Granulating Method for Masking Unpleasant Taste of Functional Materials
  • T Kishi , S Tagai
House Fods Corporation

Development of Efficient Granulation Technique by Aqua-Gas (Stream-Water Two Phase) Binder
  • T Inoue
POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage Ltd.

Application and Design Improvement of Steam Tube Dryer
  • S Suwa
Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd.

A Simulation Study of Cellulose Nano-Fiber Films under Drying Process
  • H Shiomi , Y Kumamoto , A Isogai
Kao Corporation

Wavelength Control Infrared Heating System
  • Y Kondo
NGK Insulators, Ltd.

  • Y S Hozaki , K Wakiya
Okawara MFG. Co., Ltd.

A Big Player for Regional Development, Revolutionary Food Dryer by KIHARA
  • T Kihara

Media Slurry Dryer
  • N Orita

Drying Process for Nylon6 Manufacturing Plant
  • T Tsukamoto , Y Kobayashi , T Takayama , A Narimatsu , H Yamaguchi
UBE Industries, LTD.

Control of Physical Properties and Quality of Spray Dried Soluble Coffee by Manipulating Spray Drying Parameters
  • Y Matsuda , N Imura

Study on Drying Rate from Coagulated Polymer Particles
  • T Yoshimi
Kaneka Corporation

Twin-Jet Nozzle for Spray Drying
  • G Nemoto , M Ohkawara

The Characteristic of Powdered Oil and Fat and its Application to Food
  • H Ino , H Izumi
Miyoshi Oil & Fat Co., Ltd.

Effect of Drying Methods and Conditions on Release Rates of Red Carotenoids from Dried Bacteria (Panaferd-AX)
  • Y Kawashima , H Nagai , S Fujii , N Yoshimoto , S Yamamoto
JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation

Drying Phenomenon of Frozen Food - Causes and Solutions -
  • Y Haishima , H Morishima , H Shimada , T Furuhashi , N Kida
TableMark Co., Ltd.

Poster Session 1 (Aug. 8)

Dehydration Studies of Root Tubers Using a Refractance Window Dryer
  • A A Akinola , S N Ezeorah

Drying of Barley Grains in Fixed Bed and Thin Layer
  • G Albini , F B Freire , J T Freire

Analysis of Drying Mint Plants and their Fractions - Leaves and Stems
  • A D H Rosanova , G D Maia , M D C Ferreira , F B Freire

Analysis of Citrus Fruit Drying
  • A Silva , F B Freire , M D C Ferreira

Kinetics of Ultrasound Assisted Atmospheric Freeze Drying of Eggplant
  • D Colucci , D Fissore , M A Girona , A Mulet , J A Cárcel

Infrared Radiation Drying for Rough Rice Using Catalytic Combustion Heater
  • Y Hidaka , T Noda , Y Ogawa

Fructans Retention on Microwave Vacuum Drying of Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius)
  • F J Lopes , R E Mello Junior , A U De Souza , J G L F Alves , J L G Corrêa

Impact of Particle Structure and Diffusion Barrier on the Oxidation of Encapsulated Lipids
  • A Linke , J Weiss , R Kohlus

Pulsed Vacuum Osmotic Dehydration of Fig: Effect on Kinetics of Convective Drying
  • R E Mello Junior , F J Lopes , J R J Junqueira , G E Alves , K C R Da Silva , J L G Corrêa

Effect of Maltodextrin from Different Origin Starch on the Stability of Reconstituted Emulsified Coconut-Oil in Spray-Dried Powder
  • T Matsuura , A Ogawa , M Tomabechi , S Gohtani , M Hosotani , H Yoshii

Optimization of the Walnut Oil Microencapsulation Process Using the Response Surface Methodology
  • S Shamaei , S S Seiiedlou , M Aghbashlo , E Tsotsas , A Kharaghani

Encapsulation of Flavor in Yeast by Spray Drying
  • A Sultana , A Miyamoto , L Q Hy , Y Tanaka , Y Fushimi , H Yoshii

Encapsulation of Squalene Oil by Spray Drying
  • A Abd Ghani , K Matsumura , A Yamauchi , H Shiga , S Adachi , H Yoshii

Formation of Allyl Sulfide Encapsulated Powder with Cyclodextrin by Spray Drying
  • V A T Nguyen , H Yoshii

Flavor Release Behavior from Emulsified d-Limonene in Spray-dried Powder with Various Wall Materials
  • S Takashige , D A Hermawan , H Shiga , S Adachi , H Yoshii

CFD Model Considering Whey Protein Inactivation during the Skimmed Milk Spray Drying Process
  • T T H Tran , M Jaskulski , E Tsotsas

Effect of Convective Combined with Vacuum Drying of By-Products on Powder Physico-Chemical Properties
  • L G P Martin , I A Shiwaku , G F Nogueira , V D S Silva , F L Schmidt , E Aguayo , R A De Oliveira

Comparative Study of Drying Curves of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Disqualified for Commercialization for Different Temperatures and Air Velocities
  • R E Ferreira , R A De Oliveira , K J Park , F P R Brod

Exploration of By-Products with Bioactive Compounds by Freeze Drying
  • L G P Martin , I A Shiwaku , G F Nogueira , V D S Silva , F L Schmidt , E Aguayo , R A De Oliveira

Degradation of Food Dye (Betanin) During Drying Contacted with Hot Air
  • K Nakagawa , A Tamura , S Adachi

Influence of Process Parameters in the Spray Drying of Blackberry Pulp
  • G F Nogueira , C S Paschoaletto , L G P Martin , V D S Silva , F M Fakhouri , R A De Oliveira

A Molecular Dynamics Study on The Role of Water Molecules on Glass Transition of Amorphous Sugars
  • T Suzuki , K Itakura , H Tamon

Monitoring of Water Activity in the Vicinity of Meat Surface under Drying Process with NIR Spectroscopy
  • D Ishikawa , G Ueno , T Fujii

Comparative Study and Optimization of Several Drying Process on Lemongrass Leaves
  • M A Balti , N Kechaou

Assessment of Morphologically Influenced Energy and Mass Transport in Microwave Drying of Vegetables
  • Z Kurják , K Bessenyei , J Beke

Freezing Pre-treatment and Ultrasonic Enhancement of Convective Drying of Beetroot: Influence on Drying Kinetics
  • C Rosselló Matas , F Vallespir Torrens , F Comas-Serra , M A Frau , J A Cárcel

Convective Drying Kinetics by Hot Air from the Edible Mushroom
  • M F Baccouche , S Azzouz , M T El Aieb , K Abdelhamid

Effect of Edible Natural Polymer Coating on Strawberry Slices Dried by Convection
  • A LÓpez-Ortiz , F M Torres-Antonio , M F Morales-Celaya , J RodrÍguez-RamÍrez , L L MÉndez-Lagunas , S Sandoval-Torres , I Pilatowsky-Figueroa

Drying of By-Product Okara: Evaluation of Isoflavone Content and Color
  • M Muliterno , D Rodrigues , F Lima , E Ida , L Kurozawa

Prediction of Denaturation Level of Spray-Dried Egg Yolk during Processing and Storage
  • K Nakagawa , S Adachi , A Handa

Effect of Different Drying Process on Biochemical and Functional Parameters of Tunisian Green Seaweeds.
  • R T Salma , G Bedoux , N Bourgougnon , N Kechaou

Biochemical Process of Drying Wet Biomass Okara Using Aerobic Fermentation Added Sludge Char
  • K Ueno , H Hamabe , F Jiao , Z Dong , Y Ninomiya

Energy Consumption and Quality Evaluation of Soybeans Microwave Drying
  • Z Li , R Wang , L Zhang , Q Xu , W Tian

Drying of Soybean Sauce Residue with Superheated Steam
  • J Liu , L Zang , Q Xu , R Wang , Z Li

Evaluation of Radiative Power Absorbed by Wet Porous Materials during Infrared Drying
  • A Hashimoto , K Suehara , T Kameoka

Drying Keneticand Inversation Temperature of Low Pressure Superheated Steam Drying of Radish
  • Z Li , J Liu , R Wang , Q Xu

Total Phenolic Content in Solar Dried Kaffir Lime Leaves
  • P Auppatumkuldilok , B Mahayothee , P Khuwijitjaru , S Janjai , Y Boonrod

Bioactive Compounds Retention in Solar Dried Germinated Parboiled Brown Rice
  • S Saetiew , B Mahayothee , P Khuwijitjaru , E Keowmaneechai , S Janjai

Curcuminiods Content in Solar Greenhouse Dried Plai (Zingiber cassumunar)
  • T Thamsala , Y Boonrod , W Youngsaad , B Mahayothee , P Khuwijitjaru , S Janjai

5,7-Dimethoxyflavone Content in Solar Dried Krachaidum
  • C Kwianwong , B Mahayothee , P Khuwijitjaru , S Janjai , Y Boonrod , W Youngsaad

High Temperature Isotherms and aw-Measurements for Surface Temperature Prediction in Spray Drying of Food Products
  • R Kohlus , G Esper

Optimization of Drying Process To Modify The Quantitative Attributes of Sour Cherries Dried in a Microwave Assisted Fluidized Bed Dryer
  • M Sohrabi , Z Emam-Djomeh , G Askari

Desorption Isotherms Of Sage (Salvia officinalis) Using Dynamic Vapor Sorption
  • H Desmorieux , M Jabri , M Romdhane

Drying Kinetics and Effective Moisture Diffusivity of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus l.) Stems in an Indirect-type Solar Dryer.
  • R Lopez , M Vaca , H Terres , A Lizardi , J Morales , S Chavez

Fast Drying Characteristics of Cut Tobacco in a Drop Tube Reactor and Its Effect on the Retention of Petroleum Ether Extract in Tobacco
  • B Li , W Zhu , P Wang , D Lu , L Wang , B Wang

Effect of Different Drying Methods on The Quality of White Shrimps
  • J C Sun , W S Li , F Y Yang

Combined Microwave-Assisted and Osmotic Dehydration of Cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon Aiton)
  • M Zielinska , M Parszutowicz , D Wójtowicz

Effect of Flow Configuration on Drying Performance in a Jet Impingement Dryer
  • C Nuntadusit , S Petchuchuy , M Wae-Hayee , N Kaewchoothong , P Vessakosol

Applying Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) for Designing a New Spent Coffee Ground Tray Dryer: Recycling Heat Form Hot Compressor Air for Drying Process
  • N Tharangkool , T Jarunglumlert , C Prommuak , P Pavasant

Influence on Convective Drying of Okra Intrinsic Properties
  • H Desmorieux , H Ouoba , F Zougmore

Application of Drying Technologies for the Development of Functional Food
  • J Lai , Y Cheng , C Huang , A Wu

Influence of Drying Conditions on Spray Fluidized Bed Agglomeration Behavior of Amorphous Food Powders
  • M Schmidt , A Bück , E Tsotsas

Comparison of the Dehydration and Rehydration of Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese) by Hot Air and Microwave Drying
  • R Hangekar , V Ghate , V Tidke , B Thorat

Effects of Vaccum Spray Drying on Physical Properties and Stability of Micro Wet Milled Orange Juice Powder
  • M Z Islam , M Kokawa , Y Kitamura

Conventional Drying of Treated and Untreated Ripe Banana (Musa sapientum) Discs - Effect on Nutrient and Microbial Content
  • E A Amankwah , E Agyabeng Fofie , K A Dzisi , A Van Boxtel

Pattern Formations Induced by Water Evaporation in Drying Processes
  • Y Yamazaki

Poster Session 2 (Aug. 9)

Non-Isothermal Drying of Thin Porous Disks
  • N Vorhauer , A Rahimi , E Tsotsas , M Prat

Analysis of Dynamics of Paste Drying in Spouted Bed
  • C A M D Silva , F B Freire , J T Freire

Spray Drying Granulation for Multicomponent Particle
  • S Matsuda , M Suzuki , H Takeda , H Oka

Multi-Objective Optimization of a Drying Process Using Quality Attributes
  • Ó Rodríguez , S Simal , C Rosselló , H Váquiro

Mathematical Modeling Of Drying Kinectics In Thin Layers Of Laurel Leaves (Laurus nobilis)
  • A Soltani , S Azzouz , F Rezouga

Numerical Analysis of Drying Characteristics of Materials Immersed in Fluidized Bed of Hygroscopic Porous Particles
  • Y Tatemoto , A Koido , A Numagami

Uniformity of Electric Field Distribution and Drying in Rectangular Microwave Assisted Spouted Bed
  • Z Li , R Wang , K Lei , Z Wang , Q Xu , W Tian

The Process of Particles Formation and Water Removal via Spray-Freeze Drying
  • Z Li , Q Xu , M Li , J Xu , R Wang

Modelling of Drying Kinetics during Non-Isothermal Convective Drying of Passion Fruit Seeds
  • O Rodriguez , H Vaquiro , S Simal , J F Solanilla , J Telis-Romero

CFD Simulation of Spray Characteristics in a Fluidized Bed Operated under Reduced Pressure
  • S Zarekar , A Bück , M Jacob , E Tsotsas

Effect of Water Vapor on Lower Limit Temperature and Mass Transfer during Drying of Polymer Films Cast from A Polymer-Organic Solvent Solution
  • M Yoshida , S Araki , T Yamane , T Shibayanagi

Finite Element Simulation of Drying of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Stems in a Forced Convection Tunnel.
  • R Lopez , M Vaca , H Terres , A Lizardi , S Chavez

A Novel-Type Analytical Solution of the Problem of Simultaneous Convection-diffusion Process through Porous Media
  • I Farkas , C MÉszÁros , K Gottschalk , Á BÁlint

Experimental and 3-D CFD Modeling Investigation of the Oil Shale Pneumatic Drying Process
  • L Xia , H Zhang , X Jin , J Wang , C Yu

Multi-Scale Model of Spray Drying: Understanding the Role of Drying Kinetics
  • P Sundararajan , G Li , P Rajniak , D Johnson , J Moser

Understanding Micro-Scale Dissolution Kinetics and Concentration Gradients in a Droplets of Solution Traversing in a Partially Immiscible Liquid
  • P Sundararajan , J Wang , A Procopio , L Rosen

Numerical Simulation of Flow Properties of Landed Liquid Film within the Bellows
  • J Song , X Chen , H Kan , T Wei , W Wang , Y Song

Storage Stability of Pequi Pulp Powder: Evaluation of Total Carotenoids, Antioxidant Activity and Lipid Oxidation
  • A A Santana , L Kurozawa , R A Oliveira , K J Park

Thermodynamic Analysis for the Hygroscopic Behavior of Barley Seeds (Hordeum vulgare L.)
  • G D Maia , G Albini , F B Freire , J T Freire

Nutritional Properties of Ultrasound Assisted Atmospheric Freeze Dryed Eggplant
  • D Colucci , A Mulet , D Fissore , C Rosselló , J A Cárcel

Modeling the Drying Kinetics and Viability of Dried Apples Cubes Imcorporated with Lactobacillus rhamnosus NRRL B-442
  • L C A D Silva , S Rodrigues , F A N Fernandes , A Mulet , J A Cárcel

Influence of Temperature and Component Ratio on the Final Morphology of Individually Dried Droplets
  • M Schutyser , E Both , R Boom

Physical Changes in Garlic and its Relation with the Loss of Allicin During Convective Drying
  • J Rodríguez-Ramirez , L L Méndez-Lagunas , D Reyes-Vásquez , S Sandoval-Torres , A López-Ortíz

Change in Taste of Tomato During Thermal Processing and Drying: Quantitative Analyses
  • M Schutyser , J Qiu , R Boom

Shrinkage During Convective Drying of Papaya (Carica papaya L.)
  • J Rodríguez-Ramírez , A G Ramírez-Lavariega , L L Méndez-Lagunas , A López-Ortiz , S Sandoval-Torres , I Anaya-Sosa

Influence of the Temperature and Injected Humidity during the Convective Drying Process on the Quality of Half-Finished Leather
  • N Benmakhlouf , S Azzouz , H Khedhira , A El Cafsi

Influence of Convective and Freeze Drying on in vitro Gastric Digestion of Beetroot
  • E Dalmau , P J Llabrés , R González , A Femenia , S Simal

Influence of Freezing Pre-treatment and Ultrasonic Assisted Convective Drying on Quality Parameters of Beetroot
  • F Vallespir , V Eim , R Minjares-Fuentes , C Garau , S Simal

Surface Tension Behavior of Water Pendant Drop with Surfactant under Microwave Heating
  • K Tanaka , M Asada , Y Asakuma , C Phan

Effect of Different Power Ratio Mode of Intermittent Microwave Convective Drying on Quality Attributes of Kiwi Fruit Slices
  • M A Karim , P D Nghia , C Kumar , M Joardder , M H Khan , W Martens

New Method for Glass Transition Temperature Determination of Potatoes
  • A H Taye , W C Hofacker

Effect of Slurry Properties on the Microstructure of PEFC Electrode
  • T Mori , S Moriyama , M Kishi

Preparation of Carbon and Silica-Carbon Sorbents: Influence of Composition, Pyrolysis Temperature on the Mesoporous Structure and Due Adsorption Capacity
  • S V Alves , M G Gordienko , T V Kon'kova , N V Menshutina , O Alves-Filho

Effects of Operational Conditions on Drying Characteristics of Fine-Powder Suspension in Fluidized Bed of Inert Particles
  • Y Tatemoto , K Koyanagi , A Komuro , Y Bando

Real Time Drying Efficiency Evaluation from Energy and Mass Measurements
  • A Martynenko , T Kudra

Micro- to Macro-Scale Measurement of Ice Crystals and Internal Structures in Frozen Materials by Cryogenic Microtome Imaging System
  • G Do , S Sase , Y Bae , T Maeda

Estimation of Humidity in Drying Chamber from Wet-Material Temperature for Improved Utilization of Superheated Steam
  • H Iyota , T Inoue , J Yamagata

Model of Decision Support System based on Fuzzy Sets for Grain Drying Control.
  • K V Sosnin , V V Tkachov , N I Shkola , A I Martynenko

Clarification on Temperature Distribution in Single Cell of PEFC by Heat Balance Model and CFD-ACE+
  • A Nishimura , K Osada , T Tsunoda , M Yoshimura , M Hirota

Characterization of the Shrinkage Behaviour of an Industrial Sludge during Convective Drying by Using X-ray Microtomography
  • F Njeh , L Fraikin , T Salmon , B Ben Rajeb , A Leonard , N Kechaou

A Novel Pressure Swing Drying Module for Energy-Saving Drying with Superheated Steam
  • L Chen , Y Kansha , M Ishizuka , A Tsutsumi

Pulse Combustion Drying and Incineration of Sewage Sludge
  • Z Wu , Z Ma , B Liu , L Zhao

Evaluation of Onsite Water Content Measurements of Woody Biomass in the Kumano Region, Japan
  • K Yamamoto , K Nakata , Y Ogino , T Sakamoto

Preparation of Carbon Cryogel Microhoneycomb from Phenol and Formaldehyde by Ice-Templating
  • H Tamon , S Okumura , N Sano

Effect of Carbon Addtion on Drying Rate in a Sludge Bio-drying Process
  • H Hamabe , N Kobayashi , S Yamaji , Y Itaya

Hybrid Drying of Ceramic Materials - Kinetics, Quality and Energy Issues
  • A Pawłowski , D Mierzwa

Dried Protein Mixtures - Design of Recipe and Drying Process
  • O Alves-Filho , D Illescas Pérez , S Goncharova-Alves

Simultaneous Measurement of Drying Kinetics and Shrinkage of Tunisian Bovine Leather during Convective Drying
  • R Fakhfakh , F Pierre , N Kechaou , P Perre

Characterization and Reductions of COP due to Fouling, When Drying of Sawdust in an Industrial Heat Pump Steam Dryer
  • R Renström , H Johansson-Cider , O Holby

Extracellular Peptidase from Aspergillus niger: Stability After Spray-Drying
  • L A P D Freitas , T P D F Cabral , N C Belini , K R Assis , C C C Teixeira , A D Lanchote , H Cabral

Evaluation of the Influence of Different Excipients in Spray Dried Baccharis dracunculifolia D.C Extract
  • L A P D Freitas , C C C Teixeira , T P D F Cabral , A D Lanchote

Study of Spray Drying of Brazilian Uchi Extracts
  • L A P D Freitas , L A Tacon , T P Souza , R A Reis , A D Lanchote

Innovative Integrated Closed System Tube Type Lyophilizer
  • H Hosomi

Effects of Arabic Gum and Whey Protein on Retention of Herbal Compounds During Fluidized Bed Seed Encapsulation
  • L Benelli , W P Oliveira

Performance of Heat Pump System for Drying Gastrodia elata
  • Y Yuan , Z Zhang , L Yang , R Wang , J Wei

Retention Efficiency and Physical Properties of Spray-Dried Lipid Based Microparticles of Lippia Sidoides Essential Oil
  • I Baldim , C R F Souza , W P Oliveira

Freeze-drying of Lactobacillus paracasei HII03 with Jerusalem artichoke' Inulin and Assessment of Cryoprotective Perspectives
  • C Chaiyasut , T Pattananandecha , S Sirilun , B S Sivamaruthi , S Peerajan , S Yamamoto

Texture Analysis of Dried Papaya (Carica papaya L.) Previously Treated with Calcium and Osmotic Dehydration
  • J Rodríguez-Ramírez , J Barragán-Iglesias , S S Sablani , L L Méndez-Lagunas , S Sandoval-Torres

Optimization of Ultrasonic Osmotic Dehydration of Strawberry Using Response Surface Methodology to Produce Dietetic Dehydrated Fruits.
  • E Amami , W Khezami , S Mezrigui , N Kechaou

Effect of Ultrasound and Osmotic Dehydration in Corn Syrup on 'Tommy Atkins' Mango Drying Kinetics
  • L E Kurozawa , P M Azoubel , M D R Amorim , S S B Oliveira , M D A M Baima , M D S Castro

Effect of Osmotic Pretreatments on Antioxidant and Total Phenolic Compounds Retention of Dried Mango
  • C Borompichaichartkul , V Benjabunyongkul , R Impaprasert

Influence of Osmotic Dehydration on Structural Properties of Plantain (Musa paradisiaca AAB)
  • S Sandoval-Torres , I Gallegos-Marín , L L Méndez-Lagunas , C E Martínez-Sánchez , J Rodríguez-Ramírez

Stress Development up to Crack Formation in Drying Paste
  • S Kitsunezaki , Y Matsuo , A Nakahara

Water Desorption Behavior of Silica Gel Packed Bed with Microwave Heating
  • M Kubota , N Shimada , H Matsuda

Spray Drying-Microencapsulation of Anthocyanins of Black Seedless Barberry (Berberies vulgaris)
  • M Mirzaei , Z Emam-Djomeh , G Askari

Analysis of Structure of Dehydrated Cake Consisting of Needle Crystals
  • Y Mukai , Y Suzuki

Pharmaceutical Characterization of Powdered Nanoparticles Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs Prepared by Crystallization Followed by Freeze- or Spray-Drying
  • K Tahara , I Masaki , R Onodera , H Takeuchi

Nucleation and Growth of Nano-Particles during Sol-Gel Reaction of Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Solution under High Pressure
  • T Yamamoto , M Tayakout-Fayolle , H Satone , T Nakazawa , A Tanabe , K Iimura , K Maeda

How Do Thermal Effects Influence Granule Properties in a Horizontal Fluidized Bed?
  • M Jaskulski , K Meyer , E Tsotsas

Enhanced Quality of "Deglet-Nour" Date Fruits by an Indirect Hybrid Solar Drying Process
  • D Mennouche , A Boubekri , S Chouicha , B Bouchekima , H Bouguettaia

CFD Study of a Designed Forced Convection Solar Dryer. Application to the Drying of Punica granatum Legrelliae's Flowers.
  • N Abdenouri , H Elferouali , S Doubabi , T Elkilali

Optimising Evaporator and Spray Dryer Operation with Advanced Process Control
  • K J Smith , Q Yuan

A Comprehensive Model to Predict Self-heating during Composting by Employing the Reaction Engineering Approach
  • A Putranto , X D Chen

Experimental and Numerical Study of Drying Process in a Laboratory Spray Dryer
  • L Solomon , S Levavi , M Mezhericher , A Levy